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With the management of climate change and new technology is allowing us to live in ways we can only imagine it once People are switching on electric vehicles Tesla Motors has led the revolution and has shaken life on the road Let’s know some facts about the company.Facts

Tesla is an American automaker, energy storage y and solar panel manufacturer Company located in Palo Alto, California. Founded in 2003, this company specializes in making electric cars, lithium-ion battery energy storage and residential photovoltaic. Tesla’s name is named after physicist Nikola Tesla.
Do you know that Tesla was not discovered by Elon Musk? In 2003, Tesla was discovered by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpening. Eberhard and Tarpening funded the company till Series A Round. Musk led the series A in February 2004, Musk was then investor in Tesla, who provided a substantial share of US $ 7.5 million with personal wealth. Co-founder Martin Eberhard was the original CEO of Tesla until he was asked to resign by board of directors in August 2007. Marc tarpening is CFO and later was Vice President of Electrical Engineering of the Company until 2008.

Tesla was given a $ 465 million loan by the US government in 2009, which Tesla repaid 9 years before the date of repayment


Roadster was the first model of Tesla that was launched in 2008.Tesla Roadster (2008) was the first production automobile to use lithium-ion battery cells.. Between 2008 and March 2012, Tesla sold over 2,250 roadster in 31 countries. Tesla in August 2011 Stop taking order for roadster in the market.After the roadster closed, Tesla focused on his second platform, which is the current Model  S and Model X


Model X has a biohazard air filter.If you want to avoid a biological attack, you may want to consider buying Tesla, the company officially unveiled the Model X, and Alan Musk shared an unexpected feature during the unveiling: a “bioweapon defense mode “button. The weight of model X is 2276 kg more than any electric vehicle. Time taken for Model S. is 2.5 seconds in ludicrous mode more than 0-60 mph. The average range you can get from full charge in Model X is 250 miles. Time to charge a model or X charging on Tesla Supercharger is 30 minutes. The number of supercharger stations worldwide is 694 and is increasing. In the right conditions, the maximum limit obtained from fully charged Model S is 455 miles.


The new model promises to run 0-100 km per second in 3 5.7 seconds. There is also a Ludacris mode. Tesla Model 3 will be equipped with this high-tech autopilot system, which is dependent on eight cameras providing around 360 degree visibility around the car.


In August 2013, Elon Musk (Tesla Motors and SpaceX fame) released publicly for a revolutionary high-speed transport system called Hyperloop.Three years later, it is clear that their unique concept attracted much attention from around the world.

So, what is Hyperloop?

It is a proposed system that uses capsules and tubes for transporting people and objects at a speed of 760 miles per hour. In a comparatively high, speed train, only 150 miles per hour.So far, three companies have raised the challenge of developing work Hyperloop systems. I’ll list them for you: Hyperloop One, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Trans pod. Elon Musk has proposed that all power requirements for Hyperloop’s should be provided by solar panels, which are located along the length of the transport tubes.


Spacex created its first major headline in 2010, when it became the first private company to launch payloads in the orbit and return it back to Earth-some similar government agencies such as NASA or Russia’s Roscosmos did earlier.


By 2016, due to being a small and isolated island, people rely on unfriendly diesel generators for their energy supply which is expensive for the environment. However, with the construction of a solar array, battery storage system and micro grid now, the island’s power is provided approximately 100% from the sun. This solar array was made by Solar City, and now includes sixty Tesla Power Packs. The system now is a reliable source of energy, and the entire day was created to power the whole island without sunlight and fully recharge it in seven hours.


The world’s largest lithium-ion battery has started distributing electricity to electric grid in South Australia.100 megawatt of battery, manufactured by Tesla, was officially activated on December 1, 2017.Musk promised to construct a 100 MW battery within 100 days of the contract signed at the end of September or the company will release it to the South Australia State Government.


This is the time for us to use electric cars for a better natural environment but Musk wants to go on the other side, and wants to take the entire multi-tier network underground. The new project of Musk, The Boring Company, is being worked out by doing this. Elon Musk told that the deep mines are deeper than the height of the tallest buildings.Underground tunnel can easily swallow any kind of increase in traffic congestion And he’s still working on it

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