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Mystery of five bitter truth of 21st century

It’s the time of Mahabharata when five pandavas were very desperate to know about 21st century from lord Krishna and ask him to focus some of the scenario of the 21st century than God Krishna (Bhagwan Shri Krishna Ji) says “you five brothers go into the forest and see anything which catches your eye and tell me about that than I will tell you the effect.

krishna and the five pandavas

Five panadavs takes blessing from lord Krishna and went to the forest.

The First Brother

Yudhishthira maharaja 21st century Maharaja saw that there is a two trunk of an elephant. It crossed him surprised.

The Second Brother

Arjun went in the other direction. There he saw a giant bird and Veda is written on the wings but he is eating the flesh of dead by seeing this bird Arjun gets surprised!arjun 21st century

The Third Brother

Bhīma saw a cow giving birth to a calf and after that cow is licking the calf that makes the calf bled.bhima 21st century

The Fourth Brother

Sahadeva is surprised by watching a group of seven wells, one well which is deep is surround by six wells has no water and is empty but the six wells which surrounds  the empty well is filled with water. sahadev 21st century

The Fifth Brother

Fifth brother Nakul  also saw a surprising thing he saw a large rock rolling down from a mountain and hits with  many of the big  trees but  they can’t stop it but finally the rock  touched by a small plant and the rock went motionless.nakul 21st century

In the evening they went back to Krishna and described their surprise visit of the forest.

Yudhishthira told lord Krishna that he saw a two trunk elephant which surprises me then Krishna says to him  that there are gone be two type of people in 21st century who abuse from both  sides. Some will speak anything some will do anything, this kind of people will rule the country so before that you rule.

Arjun has surprisingly found that Veda is written on a bird and that bird is  eating dead animals

Similarly, will people in 21st century, everyone will go selfish from a middle class to high class everyone think that when their elders gone die and when they will get their property.

“Individual entity” will think which man should die so that institution should be our name. Every nation would consider sitting on the head of religion when whose memorial?

Bhim saw a cow is licking her calf and gets calf bled than god  Krishna  told  that in 21st century parents will over care their child that makes him a coward and he will not get a opportunity to grow So will all the affection that will keep him tied in illusion and family and his life will end. Finally he will die being orphaned.

The boys are not yours, they belong to the daughters, girls belong to son in law and your body is belong to death. Your soul is divine trust, god says to bhim.

Sahadeva saw a group of seven wells, one well which is deep is surround by six wells has no water and is empty but the six wells which surrounds the empty well is filled with water, Krishna described this surprise as the richest people in the 21st century throw million in festivals or in their boy-girl marriage, but if in the same neighborhood there is a hungry thirsty family they will not see them.

Fifth surprise was found by nakul that in a mountain a rock is rolling down and struck several big trees but stopped by one small tree than lord Krishna feel human in 21st century falls down, their life will degenerate. It will not stop by their wealth or power. This will stop by the taking the name of the god.





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