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Emperor Ashoka was called 'Devananpriye' Ashoka Maurya Emperor. 'Devananpriye' means the beloved of the gods. Such a title has not been given to any other emperor in India.The name of Emperor Ashoka is counted among the greatest persons of the world. It is believed that Ashoka's empire was from Iran to Burma. Finally, the Kalinga war turned Ashoka towards religion. Wherever Ashoka established his empire, there were Ashoka's pillars.

The tradition of keeping Nine gemstone begins with Emperor Ashoka and Ujjain emperor  Vikramaditya. According to history, the later kings also performed this tradition. Akbar had also appointed nine gems in his court, inspired by the life of Emperor Ashoka. Some people say that there were 9 such people with Ashoka, who gave instructions to him, those instructions and cooperation alone gave Ashok the great work. These 9 people, who have remained the mystery of even today. Was they are man or god?

Now the question arises that who were those 9 men with Emperor Ashoka, who are said to have a 9 books which contain the knowledge of diffrent fields and each men had special knowledge about the book and in the end Emperor Ashoka Kept the knowledge hidden from the world.The work of these mysterious 9 people was to save the knowledge of the books from bad peoples if books goes in anybody's hand, could destroy the universe.

watch the video to know about the 9 mysteries of the book.

The Nine Unknown

अशोक के साथ ऐसे 9 लोग थे, जो उनको निर्देश देते थे जिनके निर्देश और सहयोग के बल पर ही अशोक ने महान कार्यों को अंजाम दिया। ये 9 लोग कौन थे इसका रहस्य आज भी बरकरार है। क्या वे मनुष्य थे या देवता?

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